Tanya McDonald & Lew Watts & Charles Trumbull – USA (PJ32)

Ananga Rengay

red fountain pen —
she corrects a typo
in the Kama Sutra

 blotting his copy book . . .
 tantric snores

still pink and swollen,
the spot where they removed his
“Lolita” tattoo

torn IV drip
grandma’s arm
fifty shades of gray

 tucked into his casket
 a vintage Playboy

so all the night-tide
I lie by her side,
her tomb by the sounding sea

Tanya McDonald, USA
Lew Watts, Chicago, USA
Charles Trumbull, USA

Lew Watts & Tanya McDonald – USA (PJ30)

Que Sera Serif

her emoticon moves
from ; to :

favorite barista
my latte heart missing

she initials each page

already forgetting
the engraved words —
tight wedding band

staying with her mother . . .
Vegas postmark

divorce final —
tender skin
where the tattoo was

Lew Watts, Illinois, USA
Tanya McDonald, Washington, USA

Blue-Plate Special

truck stop diner
everything greasy
except the spoon

eggs over easy
the waitress calls me sugar

big rig
in the washroom mirror —
slow shake

heartbreak on the radio
the hash browns
too salty

five-dollar tip
the cashier tucks it in

black ice—
her phone number
at the bottom of the bill

Lew Watts, Illinois, USA
Tanya McDonald, Washington, USA