Lew Watts – USA (PJ32)

open grave
my best friend’s mistress
throws the first dirt

about the blood pressure . . .
silk sheets

repossessed . . .
under the peeling paint
a hand-drawn cross

new puppy
at the old pond
sound of water

Dictated But Not Read

Still locked down so trying out this speech recognition stuff stop shit how the hell do you stop can you help me hang on a bit amazing’s just delivered give me a minute just trying to do something pier Riyadh Christ no go back go back daca no bogo no bug girl BU ger stop I mean.  

hands free
unable to stop
coffin sorrel

Tanya McDonald & Lew Watts & Charles Trumbull – USA (PJ32)

Ananga Rengay

red fountain pen —
she corrects a typo
in the Kama Sutra

 blotting his copy book . . .
 tantric snores

still pink and swollen,
the spot where they removed his
“Lolita” tattoo

torn IV drip
grandma’s arm
fifty shades of gray

 tucked into his casket
 a vintage Playboy

so all the night-tide
I lie by her side,
her tomb by the sounding sea

Tanya McDonald, USA
Lew Watts, Chicago, USA
Charles Trumbull, USA

Lew Watts & Charles Trumbull – USA (PJ30)

‘Round Midnight

Valentine’s night
a lusty growl
from her CPAP

with Certainty not tonight . . .
almost Always it Depends

a fresh roll
in the spare room loo

from under the bed
in the old box of Playboys
dust bunnies

ebony netsuke
rubbing myself to sleep

rubberized mattress —
remembering a dream
about rowing

Lew Watts, Chicago, IL
Charles Trumbull, Santa Fe, NM

Near Miss

college reunion:
the loon pants & butt crack
I almost married

her new trophy husband
belly bigger than mine*

next urinal
the guy who got the girls
hands free

25 years later . . .
her daughter now the woman
I took to the prom

sure, have the last dance —
open carry

see the girl
her dress all red:

Lew Watts, Chicago, IL
Charles Trumbull, Santa Fe, NM

*gassho to Roberta Beary