a derecho
of disinformation . . .
the world
we inhabit becomes
an alternate reality

Debbie Strange, Canada

Current Issue: #38 December 2022
Issue #38 Editor: Tia Haynes

Next Issue: May 2023
Submissions: Open March 1st – March 31st 2023
Issue #39 Editors: Aaron Barry, Antoinette Cheung, P. H. Fischer

Founded by Alexis Rotella in 2009, Prune Juice Journal is proudly recognized as the longest-running international literary journal dedicated solely to exploring new directions in English Senryu and related forms, including Kyoka, Haibun, Haiga, and Rengay.

What’s New?

  • Update (Feb. 7th 2023) Prune Juice Journal is pleased to announce a new editorial team of Aaron Barry, Antoinette Cheung, and P. H. Fischer who welcome your submissions during the month of March in preparation for Issue 39 to be published May 2023. Please be sure to read the updated submissions guidelines before submitting your poetry.

From the new editorial team: “We hope to build on the vision of Tia Haynes, who worked to advance English-language senryu by promoting poems that showcased the beauty, humour, and artistry of the human condition. Her contributions to senryu over her last two years as PJ’s editor have been immense, and we wish to personally thank her for allowing us to carry on the journal’s legacy.”

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