Tanya McDonald & Lew Watts & Charles Trumbull – USA (PJ32)

Ananga Rengay

red fountain pen —
she corrects a typo
in the Kama Sutra

 blotting his copy book . . .
 tantric snores

still pink and swollen,
the spot where they removed his
“Lolita” tattoo

torn IV drip
grandma’s arm
fifty shades of gray

 tucked into his casket
 a vintage Playboy

so all the night-tide
I lie by her side,
her tomb by the sounding sea

Tanya McDonald, USA
Lew Watts, Chicago, USA
Charles Trumbull, USA

Lorraine Haig & Ron C. Moss – Australia (PJ32)

Juggler’s Eyes

running to her favourite
white horse

the boiler erupts
with a toot of steam

first date
losing his wallet
in the tunnel of love

lit firesticks
the juggler’s eyes

the beer tent
full of dads

a circus strong-man
holds his phone up
to get some signal

Lorraine Haig, Australia
Ron C. Moss, Australia