Happy Halloween Haiga 2013!

Hi everyone.  I hope all of you in the Northern Hemisphere are enjoying the autumn weather.  Here in Alabama the leaves are beginning to turn and  firewood is stacking up in preparation for winter.  I hope to hunker inside and work on getting Prune Juice out to you all in the next couple of weeks.  This volume is pretty packed with great senryu, kyoka, haibun and haiga, as well as a very informative and entertaining feature by Bruce Boynton.  It may take you a couple of nights to get through it all!

As always, if anyone has comments or suggestions, do not hesitate to send them my way.  Together we will keep “The Juice” fresh!


Haiga at Prune Juice

We are delighted to announce that from July 2011 we will be accepting submissions of senryu/kyoka-based haiga. Haiga combines visual art forms such as painting and photography with short verse forms such as haiku and tanka. However, here at Prune Juice, we’re only interested in seeing the best in senryu and kyoka-based haiga, like the one above by Terri French.

Submission guidelines will be updated to include details of how to submit your senryu/kyoka-based haiga in July.

For more fine examples of haiga, visit HaigaOnline and DailyHaiga – two superlative online journals specialising in the union of micropoetry and visual art.