Issue 37 – Haiga

Golden Wedding
wrinkles smoothed
for the day

Christa Pandey, USA

at this table
you told me how much
love you have
for her

Giddy Nielsen-Sweep, Australia

on the shelf
a packet of rice
just in case

John Hawkhead, United Kingdom

search party
the drunken man
looks for himself

Senryu: Ken Slaughter, USA, Photo: Jan Slaughter, USA

what to do with my
aging body

Marianne Paul, Canada

the fight for my body overturned

Mariel Herbert, USA

with silver bells
and cockle shells
more legislation pending

Maxianne Berger, Canada

water ring
on the coffee table
her one indiscretion

Julie Schwerin, USA

behind the fence
such longing for a

Katja Fox, United Kingdom

family gathering
sipping the voices
in my tea

Ron C. Moss, Australia

cobalt violet
my genes oxidize
into twilight

rs, USA

ICU a lullaby floats through the intercom

Senryu: Terri L. French, USA, Photo: Steve Hodge, USA

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Issue 37 – Sequences


the almost vacation

whispering a come on sleep app

pillow talk exchanging last words

weighted blanket a late winter snow

escape room extending our stay

daydreaming the caress of a narrative

blue hour a tug of sweet light

Lorraine A Padden, USA & Peter Jastermsky, USA

tying Iona

a hand’s width too slow
his empty sandals
waiting for the splash

on magnolia
she says he’s gone

tears on the doorstep
another mother
wrings her hands

weeping birch
some truths
are better hidden

in her school shoes
trying to untangle this

storm rages
in my hip flask pocket
Gandhi’s autobiography

tying our lives
to a driftwood prayer tree

Tim Roberts, New Zealand

Split Sequences

Fairground Games

July heat


as he takes the reins

at the horse pull

the cotton candy


centrifugal force

draws her near

on my tongue

eyeing the next car

the roller coaster

starts with a jolt

Bryan Rickert, USA & Kat Lehmann, USA

Where the Flowers go


licked into shape

the sergeant’s barked command:

as you were

the only way


the passing-out parade

passing out

to make men of them


first contact with the enemy

wedding plans

Keith Evetts, United Kingdom

New World Martini

stirred and shaken

special order . . .

add two or four olives

to Mr. Putin’s drink

preparing my head

guided meditation

upon the sunroof

plinks and plinks

for world news

one more day

the planet revolves

around a tyrant

Richard L. Matta, USA

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Issue 37 – Rengay

Witching Hour

plastic surgeon––
the neighborhood’s best
carved pumpkin

Dracula’s missing

front tooth

first date
during the horror flic
our embrace

full moon

the werewolf caught

with his fly undone

all trick no treat
the she-devil’s grin

nobody dares

to touch it––

candy corn

Bryan Rickert, USA & Terri French, USA


broken steeple boy . . .
I’ll read the Bible
if it has unicorns

seeking nourishment

a grub from Shrek’s ear

Jupiter jig
his left knee healed
on the way up

reflecting on . . .


in rainbows

ceramics play
kids fire up the kiln

end of night

candle’s tears

stopped in their tracks

Geoff Pope, USA & Robert Kingston, United Kingdom

Just Desserts

snow capped mountain
my Oreo cookie

our white chocolate soufflé

at Café Jacqueline

devil’s food cake
the conversation
turns sinister

with my cherry blossom


a whipped cream kiss

first time we touch
the scent of cinnamon

dipping my finger

in the chocolate fountain

and into his mouth

Jackie Chou, USA & Kath Abela Wilson, USA

Getting Away

get-away weekend
we each carry
our own baggage

the back stories we polish

for show and tell

airport shuttle
so many stops
that aren’t ours

seeing parts of the city

not in

the tourist brochures

our carefully planned itinerary


having to let go

and move on

Julie Schwerin, USA & Angela Terry, USA

Even in Toronto

small-town girl
dreams of Toronto
even in Toronto

the CN Tower

taller than my soul

afternoon shower
arm in arm on Bay Street
Burberry and St. Laurent

water, water, everywhere . . .

halyards clanging

by Lake Ontario

summer in the city reflected
in the museum’s crystal front

at the Hockey Hall of Fame

my boy keeps asking

to see the Zamboni

Naomi Beth Wakan, Canada & Michael Dylan Welch, USA


broken finger
little girl misses
her bike

homebuilt trolley races

we take turns at crashing

birthday party
half blown balloon
flies away

wave roll

the kayaker spitting

out sand

ice cream lands
on a bald head

moon launch

the astronaut’s Band-Aid

loses it sticky

Zoe Grant, New Zealand & Ron C. Moss, Australia

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