Issue 37 – Haiga

Golden Wedding
wrinkles smoothed
for the day

Christa Pandey, USA

at this table
you told me how much
love you have
for her

Giddy Nielsen-Sweep, Australia

on the shelf
a packet of rice
just in case

John Hawkhead, United Kingdom

search party
the drunken man
looks for himself

Senryu: Ken Slaughter, USA, Photo: Jan Slaughter, USA

what to do with my
aging body

Marianne Paul, Canada

the fight for my body overturned

Mariel Herbert, USA

with silver bells
and cockle shells
more legislation pending

Maxianne Berger, Canada

water ring
on the coffee table
her one indiscretion

Julie Schwerin, USA

behind the fence
such longing for a

Katja Fox, United Kingdom

family gathering
sipping the voices
in my tea

Ron C. Moss, Australia

cobalt violet
my genes oxidize
into twilight

rs, USA

ICU a lullaby floats through the intercom

Senryu: Terri L. French, USA, Photo: Steve Hodge, USA

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Issue 36 – Haiga


Debbie Strange, Canada

alimony I ask about the exchange rate

M.R. Defibaugh, USA (senryu) & Penney L. Mellen, USA (photo)

silence expands into
our future

Mariel Herbert, USA

wilted lotus . . .
every single chakra
out of alignment

Mark Meyer, USA

lead on, tiger!
new year swings in
by warm lantern light

Melanie Alberts, USA

lonely evening . . .
her memories fill
the empty sky

Milan Rajkumar, India

after the divorce
she smells his cologne
one last time

Poesy Sestina, USA (senryu) & Cottonbro, Russia (photo)

singular they rising from beneath the weight of a plural gaze

Robin Smith, USA (senryu) & Shloka Shankar, India (artwork)

after migration––
how gentle the wind
in her hair

Steliana Cristina Voicu, Romania

the universe
. . . whatever

Wanda Amos, Australia

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Issue 35 – Haiga

all the things I can do

Agnes Eva Savich, USA (senryu) &  Elizabeth Gold, Sweden (photograph)

with three hands––
vacation time

Anannya Dasgupta, India

gender reassignment the scarred mesa of your chest

Debbie Strange, Canada

kelp canopy
I wander the minds
of an octopus

GRIX, USA (senryu) & Shloka Shankar, India (artwork)

second shot
distancing myself
from distancing myself

Kevin Valentine, USA (senryu) & Steve Valentine, USA (artwork)

Sunday roast . . .
our unexpected guest
rubs his hands

Marion Clarke, Northern Ireland

mirror . . .
how many false selves
do i have?

Michael Morell, USA

lofty shrine . . .
I search the I
in me

Milan Rajkumar, India

wanting more
than equality

Nika, Canada

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