Issue 36 – Haiga


Debbie Strange, Canada

alimony I ask about the exchange rate

M.R. Defibaugh, USA (senryu) & Penney L. Mellen, USA (photo)

silence expands into
our future

Mariel Herbert, USA

wilted lotus . . .
every single chakra
out of alignment

Mark Meyer, USA

lead on, tiger!
new year swings in
by warm lantern light

Melanie Alberts, USA

lonely evening . . .
her memories fill
the empty sky

Milan Rajkumar, India

after the divorce
she smells his cologne
one last time

Poesy Sestina, USA (senryu) & Cottonbro, Russia (photo)

singular they rising from beneath the weight of a plural gaze

Robin Smith, USA (senryu) & Shloka Shankar, India (artwork)

after migration––
how gentle the wind
in her hair

Steliana Cristina Voicu, Romania

the universe
. . . whatever

Wanda Amos, Australia

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Issue 35 – Haiga

all the things I can do

Agnes Eva Savich, USA (senryu) &  Elizabeth Gold, Sweden (photograph)

with three hands––
vacation time

Anannya Dasgupta, India

gender reassignment the scarred mesa of your chest

Debbie Strange, Canada

kelp canopy
I wander the minds
of an octopus

GRIX, USA (senryu) & Shloka Shankar, India (artwork)

second shot
distancing myself
from distancing myself

Kevin Valentine, USA (senryu) & Steve Valentine, USA (artwork)

Sunday roast . . .
our unexpected guest
rubs his hands

Marion Clarke, Northern Ireland

mirror . . .
how many false selves
do i have?

Michael Morell, USA

lofty shrine . . .
I search the I
in me

Milan Rajkumar, India

wanting more
than equality

Nika, Canada

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