Haiga at Prune Juice

We are delighted to announce that from July 2011 we will be accepting submissions of senryu/kyoka-based haiga. Haiga combines visual art forms such as painting and photography with short verse forms such as haiku and tanka. However, here at Prune Juice, we’re only interested in seeing the best in senryu and kyoka-based haiga, like the one above by Terri French.

Submission guidelines will be updated to include details of how to submit your senryu/kyoka-based haiga in July.

For more fine examples of haiga, visit HaigaOnline and DailyHaiga – two superlative online journals specialising in the union of micropoetry and visual art.

To Our Friends in Japan

We would like to send our best wishes and good thoughts to our friends in Japan at this difficult time. Many of our readers and some of our favourite poets reside in Japan and we sincerely hope that they have escaped the worst of the effects of the earthquake and tsunami. Whilst Japan continues to prove that its people are well prepared and equipped to cope with such adversity, we are also pleased to report that governments across the globe are sending help. Here’s hoping the recovery and clean-up are speedy and thorough. Our best wishes to you all.

ANNOUNCEMENT : New Features Editor 2011

I’m delighted to announce that Bruce Boynton has agreed to become Features Editor of Prune Juice. Readers of Prune Juice will, no doubt, be familiar with Bruce’s exceptional senryu and it gives me great pleasure to welcome him aboard. Our July 2011 edition will include our first feature – an interview with treasured poet and founder of Prune Juice, Alexis Rotella. And, as usual, the edition will be tightly packed with a selection of new senryu and kyoka from across the globe. Keep those submissions coming!

Best wishes to all.

Liam Wilkinson
Chief Editor, Prune Juice