Issue 34 – Haiga

the red light
my round bindi
strikes his eyes

Amrutha Prabhu, India

two parentheses
I walk inside
to rest

Senryu source: Celebrating Childhood by Adonis, translated by Khaled Mattawa

Christine L. Villa, USA

peer pressure one of the herd mentality

Debbie Strange, Canada

hallowed ground
hand in hand
with echoes

lightning strike
the fizz and crackle
of our first kiss

John Hawkhead, United Kingdom

taking shape inside me, you

Julie Schwerin, USA

hotel illusion
light and shadow play
across a facade

Kate MacQueen, USA

rocky road
a month of submissions
and rejections

Mark Gilbert, United Kingdom

the doctor ups my dose
of vitamin G

Mark Meyer, USA

yin yang
she knows how to handle
my moods

Milan Rajkumar, India

old friends chat
miles of boardwalk
to reach the point
holding his memory
as he held us

Olivia Ark, Australia

when a cold was just a cold

Pris Campbell, USA

walking to think I happened

where time tempers you a showering of dust

Shloka Shankar, India

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