Keith Polette – USA (PJ32)

going stag . . .
i follow deer tracks
into the forest

old growth . . .
her mother’s voice
under her own

reaching twenty-one
at blackjack

The River

The clear stream carried the morning sunlight to the bend where it disappeared.  I waded in and cast my line to the shallows of the opposite bank, hoping to hook Walleye or Bass.  After an hour of casting and reeling, catching nothing but time, I was ready to close my tackle box and call it a day, when a dragonfly landed on the tip of my rod.  Perched in a six-legged grip, it was a blue bloom at the end of a long stem.  The wings, glinting in sun, translucent, thin as a whisper, did not move, like a biplane grounded.  Its eyes looked like dark observatories.  Then, as quick as a blue-tipped match stuck to life, the dragonfly lifted, hovered for a moment, then disappeared into light, leaving me standing there, the first catch of the day, shimmering in water.

fishing lure
the flash of her leg
in fine-mesh net

Lew Watts – USA (PJ32)

open grave
my best friend’s mistress
throws the first dirt

about the blood pressure . . .
silk sheets

repossessed . . .
under the peeling paint
a hand-drawn cross

new puppy
at the old pond
sound of water

Dictated But Not Read

Still locked down so trying out this speech recognition stuff stop shit how the hell do you stop can you help me hang on a bit amazing’s just delivered give me a minute just trying to do something pier Riyadh Christ no go back go back daca no bogo no bug girl BU ger stop I mean.  

hands free
unable to stop
coffin sorrel

Richard Tice – USA (PJ32)

dental drill —
the doctor hums
a country tune

when I’m 64
turns out
she still feeds me

War Gaming: Hobby or Habit 

toy cannons
firing ladyfingers
at plastic soldiers —
Mom asks us to take
the battle outside

Refight World War II hour by hour. Choose among sixty-four countries. Pick political leaders and generals. Build your economy through trade and construction. Create a military juggernaut. Practice diplomacy — or not. Read the instruction manual several times to even begin to play.

dinnertime —
too busy taking Paris
with Panzergruppe 1