Issue 39 – Linked Verse



all those years
under his uniform

blinding white

the first snow

bodies exhibition
science museum
making lampshades

river dried up

empty cups asunder

sleeping until noon

sunflower paintings
organic material

secret rooms

into the unknown

solving for XXX

Jerome William Berglund, USA
& petro c. k., USA

I’ll Be Home

the fluid reservoirs
topped off
Christmas morning

solar panels 
covered in snow

coming up 
with my penny
the oasis stranger

making room
for all of us
the one plowed lane

following the star
on a state trooper’s hat

multi-car pileup
the app takes us home
by another way

Dan Schwerin, USA
& Julie Schwerin, USA


he wins another
game of Scrabble

the poet’s
refrigerator haiku magnets    

the spine
of her thesaurus

company coming
she straightens her bookstack
into a neat column                   

the random word generator
defaults to X and O                   

tic tac toe
with her pen pal…
scented envelopes                   

Angela Terry, USA
& Julie Schwerin, USA


hand marks
on the trunk where they
pulled it down

buffalo mozzarella

dog friendly patio

Sara Plain,
& Jerome Berglund, USA

Woven Tan-Renga*
*premiere of this new linked form

a lager

blackcurrant clouds

in three gulps

you leave the key

summer’s end

Bryan Rickert, USA
Kat Lehmann, USA

backcountry hike

mile after mile

the hellos and goodbyes

the things left unsaid

of a thousand maples

Kat Lehmann, USA
Bryan Rickert, USA



New Year’s…
poised atop
the bunny slope

blowing the dust off
Gardening for Dummies 

tech support 
impressive expertise
in patience

beginner cha cha
is this a date?

her first time
behind the wheel 

Ode to Joy
on pint-size violins

Christopher Patchel, USA

Split Sequences


parting waters



my mind

the vocabulary

the life

of an introvert

frost flower

of fish


the rules

night sky

rs, Middletown, Delaware, USA
Hemapriya Chellappan, Pune, India

Broken Bands

all we’ve done

couples counseling

for an hour each week

we tell the truth

to repair

tennis match

the back and forth

of blame

this marriage 

enso moon

we find a way back

to each other

 spring gales tearing

banana peels

slipping back into

our old ways

the tender green

puppet show

we keep pretending

for the kids

Bryan Rickert, USA
& Susan Burch, USA

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