Issue 33 – Rengay

Ain’t Got No Hippopotomonstrosesquipedaliophobia

not sure what it means

type-type-typing out

the computed axial tomography
with claustrophobia

the author’s character’s craving
for methylenedioxymethamphetamine

a cwtch

after the doctor says
I hear nothing

Alan S. Bridges & Michael Dylan Welch, USA

Yellow Ribbons

distant bells
echoing through the valley
that Christmas day truce

for as long as I can remember
a candle in the window

faded yellow ribbons
wrapped around
every tree

his days
waiting by the door
the old dog

the welcome mat

the unturned calendar
the brighter wall

Angela Terry & Julie Schwerin, USA

When the Music Ends

grief group . . .
introducing ourselves
by our losses

the chairs much farther
apart this time

when the music ends
another is taken

winning the cake walk
not really a good thing
for my diet

what I left behind
catches up with me

finally admitting
I may have been
part of the problem

Julie Schwerin & Angela Terry, USA

Waving Goodbye

downsizing . . .
she takes the seashells
back to the beach

boxing up books
no one’s looked at in years

waving good-bye
to the old mirrors
a new smile

that diary only
written in twice
goes in the garbage

a roomy space
for fresh dreams

filling up
with new possibilities

Julie Schwerin & Angela Terry, USA

Nuptial Niceties

kiss the bride
no, please, you were first . . .
civil wedding

seating arrangements

best man’s speech
on behalf of all men
thanking the groom

all the single ladies . . .
no one catches
the bouquet

first dance
she moves her father’s hand

cake topper askew
grandma fixes it
with a little spit

Lew Watts & Tanya McDonald, USA

Sweet Charity

bent tines
on the dessert fork
her life story

apple pie
still bruised by her motherhood

sugar and spice
locked in the attic
for speaking my mind

hear no evil, see no evil
an extra slice of tart
from the vicar’s wife

wax on the frosting
as she catches her breath

at the bitter end
still wanting to be loved––
sweet charity

Tanya McDonald & Lew Watts, USA

The Grunt’s Lament

another Monday
the half-n-half

the traffic

spreading it
too thick
new hire

working lunch
we take turns
passing the buck

coffee break
stirring up gossip

the pits
still in the olive
Happy Hour

Terri L. French & Bryan Rickert, USA

Clothing Optional

I dress up
my Bitmoji

a mask to match
each pair of socks

which earrings go
with these pajamas

another pair of slippers
from Amazon

a sweatshirt
gets the sniff test

it doesn’t deserve
a bra

Terri L. French, USA

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